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Picture banner showing Musical Story Time "video series" of Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass, we see Ida Barker performing as Looking-Glass character, Alice (from original novel by Zizzi Bonah, all songs by Ida Barker, published and presented by She And The Cat's Mother)

Alice’s story continues within this original musical MONTHLY story-time: “Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass” for children of all ages (9 to 109 years old) !! VIDEO !! series with on-screen English SUBTITLES read aloud by its author, Zizzi Bonah // this extended video series includes 12 songs by Ida Barker;

A bit about this original tale: after frightful book reviewer, Paige Turner jeopardises Alice’s writing career in Authorland, resplendent author, Alice fears her writing inspiration, Miss Penopause, will suffer character assassination unless Alice returns through the looking-glass to unite with her — setting forerunning hazards and high-jinks in motion to silence the damning book review, despite learning it is far easier to get forgiveness than it is permission to get Paige Turner!

FREE GIFT: musical audiobook of, Alice Returns available for download now

By way of thank you to everyone (members and non-members) who kindly take the time to visit, She And The Cat’s Mother PATREON page, we forward an invitation: to download for FREE this original musical audiobook of, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass (containing seven songs as printed within the novel). The link to start download is to be found within the “about” section at www.patreon.com/sheandthecatsmother

Mime, sing or play along with this Looking-Glass SONG (lyrics and chords on-screen)

She And The Cat’s Mother, invite you to do the do by filming your version of this original song, “HEADSPIN” and sharing it online and writing a comment in the section below. Whether you choose to mime, sing or play along with a musical instrument, the choice is yours — from new performers to seasoned professionals, all are welcome!!

Within music video (shown above) we meet spider-like Looking-Glass character, Valerie The Validator, who captures ALICE and ALICE’S alter-ego MISS PENOPAUSE (through no will of their own) within her silver threads of webbing, before explaining, the webs she artfully spins repair holes within story gaps; as featured within episode 8 of musical video series: Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass

🔴 Application form 🔴 for permission to perform “STAGE PLAY” of, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass

She And The Cat’s Mother are delighted to announce that the NEW application form; for permission to perform the musical vaudeville STAGE PLAY of, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass will be available to download from November 2022 via this website; this STAGE PLAY is written in such a way that it can be performed by big or small organisations with any amount of resources accessible to them: read “PRODUCTION NOTES” published within STAGE PLAY ebook and paperback (sample of book below) for alternatives. Think fantastical fantasy, loud colours, larger than life. We encourage you to use your imaginations

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