🔴 NEWS: 2023 “The Year Of The Cat” song ⚡

“… our take on the year of the cat 2023.”

🔴 Has Jeremy Clarkson THE KING OF CONTROVERSY heard “the year of the cat” wherein harmony has been called for? A witting and wotting FUN song by She And The Cat’s Mother 🔴

🎧 ALTERNATIVE music video for “THE YEAR OF THE CAT” song, featuring Jeremy Clarkson wearing a surprisal look during this satirical take on modern-day UK politics; written and performed by mother and daughter: lyrics by Gwen Hullah; music by Ida Barker 🎧

ℹ️ “THE YEAR OF THE CAT” release date coincides with the start of the Vietnamese cat year: a year representing harmony (from the 22nd January 2023 to 9th February 2024). Caricature of Jeremy Clarkson by She And The Cat’s Mother ℹ️

QUOTE: “A fun song where reasons become raisins.” UNQUOTE

— one viewer’s comment

⚡ Single available to stream/download at Spotify, Apple Music and other outlets NOW ⚡

🎁 Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/5TsRhjMVpZNeKHuqQZvaYl

🎁 Apple Music/iTunes link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-year-of-the-cat-single/1664678993

Did you know? the Vietnamese cat year starts 22nd January 2023 to 9th February 2024″

— She And The Cat’s Mother
Banner highlighting book review of "Jeremy Clarkson's, Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm" reviewed by Gwen Hullah, as published within, She And The Cat's Mother Recollection eMagazine (December 2021).

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!! Dress LIKE a Book Cover !!

🔴 We share with you our inspiration behind creating the campaign: DRESS LIKE A BOOK COVER 🔴

🔴 The VIDEO above, shares how we at, She And The Cat’s Mother were inspired to create the campaign: DRESS LIKE A BOOK COVER, with insights into our first 100 days of companion looks to go with the books we’ve read and recommend within our books-of-the-month podcast series (THIS! video has English subtitles/burnt-in captions and begins with a blooper clip, then the main feature: highlighting seven book looks, and ends with a FUN out-take with our tabby cat, Purrdey);

🔷 Authorship: It’s our way at, She And The Cat’s Mother of giving respect and praise to authors and their team-workers 🔷 To write a book in the first place, is like taking to a mammoth task, wherein dramatic situations are found and built on; bearing in mind, there are only 30-odd dramatic situations in being 🔷 The situation is not a story; it’s the plot building that has to be original. The author has to be (to sell) original in plot and treatment 🔷 A plot is rarely the result of inspiration 🔷 A plot is largely the result of hard graft 🔷 We at, She And The Cat’s Mother write as we speak and do;

🔴 Often, She And The Cat’s Mother are asked: “Where did the idea to DRESS LIKE A BOOK COVER come from?” Our answer: taking an over-view from World Book Day, whereby readers are encouraged to dress as their favourite character – we at, She And The Cat’s Mother were inspired to create DRESS LIKE A BOOK COVER campaign – whereby, each Wednesday, for twenty weeks, we uploaded a different companion look to go with the book we’d read 🔴 After all, when you buy a book, you are buying into two pieces of art: firstly, the text, and secondly, the book’s look 🔴 We chose to go “Back to Basics” doing more with less, by using what we already have in our wardrobe to create an out-fit, inspired by each book’s cover;

Diamond Days …

We cheer these authors to the echo, for taking the time to respond to She And The Cat’s Mother “Dress LIKE a Book Cover” companion looks to go with the books we’ve read and recommend within our books-of-the-month podcast series;


🔷 “Amazing!”

– Colleen Hoover, for She And The Cat’s Mother interpretation of her book’s cover: thriller novel, Verity

🔷 “I’m OBSESSED with this. Thank you so much …”

– Elizabeth Day, for She And The Cat’s Mother interpretation of her book’s cover: suspense novel, Magpie
Quotes of praise from authors, Colleen Hoover, Elizabeth Day, Sheila O'Flanagan and Victoria James for She And The Cat's Mother "Dress LIKE a Book Cover" looks of their books: Verity, Magpie, Three Weddings and a Proposal, and, Wine Girl

🔷 “Have to say I’m absolutely loving this ❤️️❤️️❤️️”

– Sheila O’Flanagan, for She And The Cat’s Mother interpretation of her book’s cover: self-discovery novel, Three Weddings and a Proposal

🔷 “Wow this is AMAZING 💝!!”

– Victoria James, for She And The Cat’s Mother interpretation of her book’s cover: memoir, Wine Girl

🎶 MASHUP by She And The Cat’s Mother

This music MASHUP was inspired by week 6 of She And The Cat’s Mother “Dress LIKE a Book Cover” challenge featuring (Joy Division / New Order / Monaco) musician, Peter Hook’s memoir, “Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club

🔴 CLICK! here for MORE about She And The Cat’s Mother music MASHUP featuring MONACO’s “What Do You Want From Me?” song, with Ida’s “Mr and Ms’ery” including pictures // acknowledgements // list of MASHUP credits 🔴

She And The Cat’s Mother THEME TUNE

Here is the original song, “Cat Out Of The Bag” written and performed by Ida Barker; the theme song to represent letting loose our adventure: creating a “MULTI-MEDIA CHANNEL LIBRARY” for members – launched on the 1st November 2021– from this day forward the cat is out of the bag

⤵️ PLAY song ⤵️


Here’s the typed text, titled, “Creating the song, Cat Out Of The Bag by Ida”; as featured within, She And The Cat’s Mother Monthly Recollections eMagazine (November 2021 | issue 001); all our eMagazines continue to be downloadable to members/patrons via our back-catalogue at PATREON

// START of text:

“Cat Out Of The Bag, was written in the early stages of performing at open mic nights, looking to broaden my self-penned repertoire passed twenty original songs, (half of which I accompanied myself in the style of finger-picking on acoustic guitar), consciously I looked to move forward with songs that would project and connect well with generous audiences who kindly took the time to listen, while winning-over more hardy personalities;

“I chose not to lose myself in dreams, but instead to make goals. Goals to write more songs people would naturally join in with; and sing back a line or two from a chorus before reaching the song’s end;

“encouragingly, Cat Out Of The Bag was a song that travelled well; inside, as well as outside our county lines from busking in small market towns and cities to toilet gigging and festivals this song with its uplifting, up-lilting beat, remained part of my song set-list from its first airing within King Billy’s, Cottingham to Musicport Festival, Bridlington; requested twice nightly at many venues;

“for this reason, we at, She And The Cat’s Mother chose Cat Out Of The Bag when seeking a song; a theme tune, to represent letting loose our new adventure: creating a multi-media channel library and from this day forward, the cat is out of the bag.”

– Ida Barker, recalling her earliest performances championed by her mother, manager, booking agent and roadie: Gwen Hullah

// END of text //

Song, “Cat Out Of The Bag” is available to our members/patrons as an MP3 download (within our November 2021 Patreon posts)!!

Monthly MUSICAL video series: ALICE RETURNS

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The genesis for She And The Cat’s Mother to create a MULTI-MEDIA channel library, came after we heard about PATREON (an online business tool, whereby creators can financially support themselves by supplying content to their paying members) through the “BBC Media Show” in the summer of 2021, just at a time when we were looking for something that was as different as different can be – compared to other business outlets for content creators

At the time, we had completed a trilogy of sketch shows promoting our property guidebook (2020 publication), all about how-to Raffle Property


Boost your chances to own your future within property markets by reading She And The Cat’s Mother, 2020 guidebook, “Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions (for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers)” supported by their FUN sketch reels ⤵️ take a look ⤵️

Silver Splitter

Introducing, Gwen Hullah╭☼ best known as revenge fiction author of original novel, Safe In Killer Hands: Money, Madness, Murder – adapted to TV mini-series by Gwen and retitled, The Four Seasons

What’s the story – farming family feud – murder dressed in its Sunday best set within the Yorkshire Dales; four seasons of 1947

Bereavement turns to revenge when a widow, her land-girl daughters and their farm-man, discover an illegitimate son has inherited half-share of landowner’s wealth. Wealth they have helped him accumulate over many, manual years. They contrive – “how best to kill him?”

2021 profile photo of Gwen Hullah; wearing a flowered dress in front of a light blue background

New Girl On The Writers’ Block

Introducing, Ida Barker╭☼ digital creator and author of manuals to help YOU

1️⃣ #GirlLikeYou (self-publish easy)
2️⃣ Raffle Property (win/sell property)

This songwriter turned author; also writes phantasy fiction for children-of-all-ages (9-109 years old) under the name Zizzi Bonah. Songs in musical, “Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass” both words & music by Ida; member of the Musicians’ Union; British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors; and Performing Right Society

Fun 2023 visual of fantasy fiction author, Zizzi Bonah (pseudonym of Ida Barker) wearing a bunch of bananas on her head as a banana headdress
LOVE books? LIKE good fun?

We’re “full of beans” at She And The Cat’s Mother to announce a monthly podcast series, starting April to August 2022 via our Patreon page; wherein we talk about the books we’ve read: from new releases to old favourites, including fiction and non-fiction publications

Furthermore, during those four months, each Wednesday, we at, She And The Cat’s Mother published via our social media sites a different companion LOOK to go with a BOOK we’ve read for our “Dress LIKE A Book Cover” campaign, accompanied by the hashtag #WinsomeWednesday

⤵️ VIEW six of our twenty #DressLIKEaBookCover looks ⤵️

We see six book looks by Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker of She And The Cat's Mother for their "dressed like a book cover" campaign, the dress like a book cover challenges include books by: Elizabeth Day, Magpie; The Power of Sprinkles; Animal Farm by George Orwell; TED Talks by Chris Anderson; Wine Girl by Victoria James; and The Hacienda How Not To Run A Club by Peter Hook #dresslikeabookcover

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⤵️ Take-a-look iNSiDE ⤵️ issue 006 of “She And The Cat’s Mother” Recollections eMagazine // video soundtrack, “I Forgot To Forget” written and performed by Ida Barker (instrumental electro version)

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