Fun, free, fabulous “digital activity pack”

In celebration of original story, The Bear Who Used Up All His Growls, you are invited by the County of Vowels to download the storybook’s FREE digital resource pack for libraries, schools and the home; the resource pack (PDF file) is full of activities and available to download and print from APRIL 2023 via this #HearHeard page on She And The Cat’s Mother website

What’s the story?

When the letter O drops clean out of Bearโ€™s growl, Bear falls topsy-turvy into the County of Vowels, where he meets Purdy the cat and learns some tidy manners โ€“ but will Justice Nincompoop grant Bear a new licence of Oโ€™s to reinstate his fearless growl?

ใƒ„ Meet lugubrious Bear and his unlikely companions within the INTRODUCTORY pages of this picture book โคต๏ธ

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