By way of no introduction, here’s Ida via video outtake, Cat-a-chew-ee !! 🐈

Here’s our playful tabby cat, Purrdey as Ida is about to start piece-to-camera for Raffle Property networks ; how to win and sell property the alternative way

Filmed in 2021 by She And The Cat’s Mother

// Theme tune “Push The Cow Over The Moon” written and performed by Ida Barker (instrumental version) ; member of the Musicians’ Union and Performing Right Society) //

Starting out, Ida Barker’s BBC video diaries May 2004 ⤵️

Ida‘s first year taking her music live into public domain; preparations and realities of first time busking in her hometown seaside resort Bridlington for annual Buskers Festival

Can Ida make it to ten best selected Buskers who showcase at Brid Spa?

// Both songs performed in this video; The Only Thing Coming Down Is The Rain; To Be With You; written (words and music) by Ida Barker //

NOTEWORTHY: Video contains footage filmed by Gwen Hullah and edited by BBC Humber’s Jen Bateman (it has then been filmed from a TV screen, hence why the visual quality is blurry in places); also includes additional Ida home footage

Ida, songwriter now turned author

In 2016 mother and daughter – Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker – set up in partnership a book publisher, She And The Cat’s Mother. At their core they are a “find your alternative” business

All in-house – complete format: writing, editing, proof reading, formatting paperbacks and eBooks to raising profile on social media – the only task they have not done is the printing. The acid test is getting their books into the highway of readers’ minds. They are authorpreneurs; and YOU CAN BE TOO !!

How-to self-publish as easy as eating good pie ⤵️

The #GirlLikeYou manual contains 300+ colour pictures and enables you to self-publish within *one week*

ツ BEGIN your new direction by READING the start of this self-publishing manual ⤵️
Redesigning artwork for #GirlLikeYou (front) book cover

Picture below shows a series of images highlighting, Ida‘s visual process of creating a self-portrait illustration for #GirlLikeYou (front) book cover via Photoshop software on 4th August 2018 (four months after publishing the original front cover of a black and white photograph of Ida holding a guitar);

Showing a series of images highlighting the visual process of redesigning Ida Barker's front book cover artwork for #GirlLikeYou, published by She And The Cat's Mother

“I’m loving graphic design. Never think your first effort is your best — spent five hours creating this Ida self-portrait for revised #GirlLikeYou book cover”

Quote, Ida Barker (4 August 2018)

Your guide to winning and selling property the alternative way 🏠🎉

NEW from 2020, Ida creates digital content with Gwen for RaffleProperty.net — sharing entrant and organiser news on house competitions. This #OwnYourFuture network is accompanied by their hardback, paperback and eBook, titled: Raffle Property: Your Guide to House Competitions for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers

This book acts like a kindness — it is inclusive, not exclusive; together, sharing research, inspiring its readers to think big and think differently within current property markets

ツ SAMPLE this winning guidebook TO #OwnYourFuture ⤵️

Did you know?

Ida also writes phantasy fiction for children-of-all-ages (9 to 109 years old) under the name Zizzi Bonah

Fun 2023 visual of fantasy fiction author, Zizzi Bonah (pseudonym of Ida Barker) wearing a bunch of bananas on her head as a banana headdress

Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass; a story for children of all ages 9 – 109 years old

ALICE RETURNS THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS and falls into her own story while seeking the answer to Looking-glass question; much to the rage of infamous book reviewer, Paige Turner who threatens to jeopardise Alice’s writing career in Authorland – (all characters created by Zizzi Bonah, with exception to Alice who was created by Lewis Carroll). VISIT our LOOKING-GLASS page to VIEW an episode from this story, now featuring as a musical MONTHLY SERIAL

ツ You really ought to READ the opening pages of Alice Returns ⤵️

For a piece of pure escapism, Zizzi’s debut novel, #Entrangement aims to take you to the curb in the sky

#ENTRANGEMENT: WHERE COLOURS DON’T BLEED “He saved her life, only she can save his death!” Salt Delray is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her lover – through a mysterious aide she discovers he isn’t dead; he’s in limbo! She must escape and enter a hidden underworld to reunite with him, and together battledore against a very different, terrifying reality

ツ ENTER the world of #Entrangement by sampling the first pages ⤵️

For readers with roguish tendencies, Zizzi’s, #GirlRogues aim to bring out the braggadocio in you

#GIRLROGUES: BRAGGADOCIO “They’re dangerous to love, more dangerous to ignore – which girl are you?” Zizzi Bonah’s collection of short stories and verses are for those with minds as broad as braggadocio, and nerves hard enough to rival a diamond from the first water

ツ Calling all roguettes!! YOU’RE INVITED to read the start of a rogue tale; can you guess how it’ll end? ⤵️

“It certainly looks to be full of beans” Quentin Letts, Daily Mail praise for Zizzi’s, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass: A Musical Vaudeville Stage Play, adapted from Zizzi’s original novel

Songs in musical, “Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass” both words & music by Ida Barker — member of the Musicians’ Union and Performing Right Society

ツ Which Looking-glass character would YOU be? PREVIEW opening SCENES of Alice Returns THE STAGE PLAY; for small and large productions ⤵️

Ida, creating digital content for bookshop cafe Waterstones, Harrogate

Between September 2019 to March 2020 Ida Barker set-up and managed @HarrogateCafeW social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; whereby she created over 90 original photos (posting 4 times per week) promoting new and favourite Cafe W products, books of interest, while documenting fun moments with staff and customers; and author and quiz events. Above is one of the most memorable photos Ida took; Cafe W customers fondly mention “Milkgate” from time to time

Ida’s top 20 for 2020

In a year where we tended to roll with it rather than being one step ahead of tomorrow, Ida‘s 20 memories (in pictures) from the year 2020 include:

🔹 working 3 jobs; (barista/digital creator at bookshop cafe Waterstones; home-shopper at ASDA; co-partner at She And The Cat’s Mother);
🔹 welcome get-togethers with friends and colleagues;
🔹 reading Paula McCavanagh‘s email, requesting inclusion of Ida‘s social media posts at Harrogate Cafe W into Monthly Commercial Updates at Cafe W, Waterstones;
🔹 meeting The Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton at his book-signing event;
🔹 dressing as a “Willy Wonka Golden Ticket” beside the winsome wizard that is Keiran for World Book Day at Harrogate bookshop Waterstones;
🔹 meeting and then dating beau, Jesse;
🔹 wearing masks for the first time as we learnt to embrace a “new-normal“;
🔹 Asda supermarket’s “Thank-You Day” for store colleagues, now known as key-workers;
🔹 visiting Joseph Hayton’s workshop in Pateley Bridge to view his sculpture of Ida’s second cousin, Nidderdale farmer, John Rayner;
🔹 launching website http://www.raffleproperty.net to support her co-written book with mam, Gwen Hullah, for their book publishing partnership, She And The Cat’s Mother (who’ve successfully produced over a dozen original publications in 4 years);
🔹 and taking snap-shots of tabby cat, Purrdey‘s antics …

As I say a warm goodbye to working with the lovely people at bookshop, Waterstones, I wish all of you reading this a happy and healthy new year for 2021” — ida xx

// Photos for 20 memories in pictures taken by Ida, except The Inn courtesy of Ian Davy; World Book Day courtesy of Rob Young; The Yorkshire Vet event courtesy of Keiran Lancaster; Fun Friday courtesy of Sam Strickland //

INSIGHT: selecting Ida’s song, “Not Ready For Tears” as a duet for Looking-glass characters, ALICE and her alter-ego MISS PENOPAUSE

Urgency, the key word when choosing a companion song to accompany ALICE and MISS PENOPAUSE (within our original musical story time series), when the two main Looking-Glass characters flee for their creative lives from a swarm of Apostroflies, who deposit waste on pen-pushers who commit the crime of misplacing apostrophes within writings;

Not Ready For Tears, is such a song, urgent, due to its gradual increase of speed — not noticeable to the ear, perhaps; but if played alongside a ticking metronome, evidential;

“Naturally, I’d like to say I consciously engineered this effect, but in reality, it wasn’t until after I’d programmed the drum sequences into a somewhat primitive, but favourite device: a TASCAM, and replayed the recording from our home computer that we discovered my first attempts at creating a drum back-beat, ultimately, created a sense of urgency through the subtle, increase of timing !!”ida

At, She And The Cat’s Mother, our motto has always been:

“Do the best you can, with where you are
and with what you’ve got”

She And The Cat’s Mother

We invite you to join our community: a place where membership means MORE at // our MULTI-MEDIA channel LIBRARY via Patreon // there, the song, “Not Ready For Tears” is available to our members/patrons for download as an MP3 ringtone (within our May 2022 Patreon posts you’ll find the link to download the complete song now)!!

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